10.17-jesus-praying-4Jesus prayed and that’s good enough for me. He got up early, he made space away from the crowds and his disciples, he found lonely places in order to speak with his Father.

His was a busy life: he was in demand, he was on the road, he was pressed round from all sides. Yet he still made time and space.

This is why I will make the effort to get up early, or shun the crowd, or escape the distraction. This is why I will seek out a quiet and lonely place in which to pray. Being Christian means being ‘another Christ’. If Jesus prayed, I will pray.

There are lots of ways to pray: together, for others, using words. Sometimes, though, what’s needed is to be alone, to be still, to be silent. Jesus showed this need too.

Christopher_Jamison‘Our busy culture prevents us being still, so we don’t look deep inside ourselves,’ the Benedictine monk, Fr Christopher Jamison, once said. Taking the time and finding the way to look ‘deep inside’ is essential if we really want to find God.

When we grew up we learnt to talk and we learnt to walk, almost by instinct. We learnt other stuff too,  although perhaps not so easily. If we were brought up within a Christian family we may have learnt to say prayers. But did we ever actually learn how to pray?

Throughout each year, March and Wisbech parishes offer a range of different ways for each of us to try and grow in prayer. The aim is to encourage everyone to become more prayerful – which is not necessarily the same thing as saying more prayers.

prayer-2If we’re serious about being Christian, about being ‘another Christ’, we need to be serious about our prayer. So take advantages of the opportunities when they arise. Seize the chance to be prayerful.



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