To the Pilgrim

imagesSet Out!
You were born for the road.


Set out!
You have a meeting to keep.
Where? WIth whom?
You do not know yet!


Set out!
Your steps will be your words,
the road your song,
the weariness your prayer,
and at the end
your silence will speak to you.


Set out!
Alone, or with others,
but get out of yourself.
You will find companions.
You envisaged enemies –
you will find brothers and sisters.


Set out!
Your head does not know
where your feet are leading your heart.


Set out!
You were born for the road,
the pilgrim’s road.
Someone is coming to meet you,
is seeking you
so you can find him
in the shrine at the end of the road,
in the shrine at the depth of your heart.


He is your peace!
He is your joy!


God already walks with you.


From the Hermitage of St Honorat, Randa, Majorca.

Shared recently at Masses in Chatteris & Wisbech by Canon John Udris